User can send words from one mobile phone to another by Mercue audio technology

(Phone A: Text)

Hi, I'm Leo

Convert into ultrasonic wave
Phone A's speaker
Phone B's microphone

(Phone B: Text)

Hi, I'm Leo

Convert the ultrasonic wave into text


By Mercue audio technology, the customer can receive e-invoices and transaction details from POS terminal after payment, and he can claim winnings by the received e-invoices and manage his financial condition afterwards.


By Mercue audio technology, the customer can provide financial information for payment to the POS terminal.


1. 於結帳櫃台付款時,告知店員將使用「音波支付」。
2. 店員鍵入商品資訊後,點選「音波支付」付款,POS發出支付的音波。
3. 付款者開啟「音波支付」APP,以接收的POS發出的「支付」音波。

5. 選擇交易信用卡、優惠方案,並選擇確認交易。
茶葉蛋           $ 7x1
可樂             $ 23x4
共計                $ 99
5. 選擇交易信用卡、優惠方案,並選擇確認交易。

Indoor Positioning

By Mercue audio technology, the user can be informed with his current location when he gets lost in a shopping mall or a museum.
1. Launch the APP.
2. Use speaker and microphone to transmit/receive by mobile phone
3. Positioning the location of the mobile phone in the indoor environment.


1. Please enter the text.
2. Download the App, and then put the mobile phone close to the speaker of the computer.
3. Then mobile phone will show the received text.

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